What We Do

Strategic Publicity – Tightly aligned with your business and strategic communications objectives. We emphasize substantive media coverage worthy of and suitable for secondary distribution via e-mail, social media and other Web postings.

Media Relations –We have the experience and credibility to work effectively with media on a daily basis. We counsel senior management and serve as media spokespersons for clients when necessary. We also provide media training and coaching when necessary.

Public Affairs – We provide public relations support for public affairs campaigns aimed at influencing public opinion on public policy issues. We specialize in strategy, messaging, content development and public advocacy. Often these same skills help companies that are solving significant business problems or introducing important new technology.

Crisis Communications – Your success in a crisis will depend largely on the foundation of trust and credibility that you have established with your target audiences and the media before a crisis erupts. Without that foundation of trust and credibility, you will have a hard time avoiding long-term damage to the image and reputation of your company or organization. We welcome the opportunity to talk about crisis communications in more detail.

Content Development – We specialize in producing substantive content for byline articles for magazines, newspaper Op-ed articles, blogs, websites, newsletters, white papers, and other critical communications.

Social Media – Most of the content we develop is intended for secondary distribution via social media, e-mail, and other web postings.

Marketing Communications – Video, press releases, brochures, newsletters, websites, case studies, white papers, annual reports, and more. We are happy to work with your designer/producer or with talented folks we have collaborated with for years.